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Estate Administration and Executor Insurance

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Anyone with an estate less than $3,000,000 (which is 97% of estates in Canada) would benefit from the financial and legal protection executor insurance provides.

By not discussing estate administration and executor insurance, financial advisors are leaving a lot of potential profit on the table. Learn more about how our products can improve your practice and increase revenue per client with minimal extra work.

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The Perfect Sales Tool

How can financial advisors profit by engaging in estate administration planning with their clients?

The ERAssure Estate Services Plan is more than just another product for you to sell. We've designed it to be the perfect sales tool that will help generate referrals, develop client relationships, and give you an advantage over your competitors.

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The Estate Services Plan

Our Estate Services Plan is pre-purchased by the estate to provide financial and legal protection for the executor.

This ensures that your client's daughter or son who will act as their executor has the tools necessary to speed the process. It also provides protection against many risks during the estate administration.

estate services plan - document services

Many required estate documents are collected and filled out on behalf of the executor.

estate services plan - final expenses

A cash reserve for immediate expenses, like funeral costs, to avoid the executor paying

estate services plan - executor guide

A step-by-step guide and fill-in-the-blank template of the standard tasks required to close an estate.

estate services plan - notice to creditors

Will notify creditors of the testators death on behalf of the executor.

estate services plan - liability insurance

Financial and legal coverage for the executor of the estate in case of estate litigation and beneficiary disputes.

estate services plan - will review

Assistance connecting the executor with a legal professional to ensure the proper steps for reviewing a will.

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